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    cannabis strain patents

    It may come as a major shock to some readers that cannabis strain patents have recently been issued from the US Patent Office. Properly constructed patents have no reason for denial based on federal illegality. Talk to us about protecting your novel strains. The time to secure your rights is now.

    general patents

    Patents are available for many types of technology so long as they are new, unique, and useful. Contact us today for a free consultation to help you to understand the rules of patenting.


    Trademarks protect your business name, product name, or logos. While a patent can protect your inventions, they cannot prevent others from marketing products in ways similar to yours, nor can you be certain a competitor won't accuse you of the same.

    trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements

    Some inventions and inventors are better suited to maintaining secrecy of a technology rather than disclosing to the USPTO and the public. In these cases, your intellectual property may still be protected by contracts between the inventor and any party they permit to view the invention. Doing so in a legally enforceable way requires careful drafting and attention to detail, as these types of documents are certainly not one-size-fits-all.


    Once you've secured your patent you have the right to sell or license it. Whether you're a patent owner or you'd like to use another's invention, we can help you navigate the complex web of laws, regulations, disclosures, and filings to achieve your goals.