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    What a Looming Patent War Could Mean for the Future of the Marijuana Industry

    In business, timing is everything. The opportunity to claim your genetic technology is now.

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    Can I patent my cannabis?

    US Patent and Trade Office confirmed that officials are now accepting and processing patent applications for individual varieties of cannabis, along with innovative medical uses for the plant and other associated inventions.

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    “Over the next few years, the contest could take the form of a gold rush for patents.”

    - Vice News

    Find out how you can become part of this new industry

  • cannapatents is an intellectual property law firm located in Seattle Washington. We serve the cannabis industry in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, California, and any other state that has legalized cannabis use.

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    cannapatents is an patent law firm serving the cannabis industry. We are passionate about the providing the strongest possible intellectual property protection for cannabis growers, breeders, processors, and retailers.


    We offer free consultations.

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    Cannabis strain patent protection is available from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    cannabis strain patents

    Protect your stable cannabis strains

    Patenting is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your inventions, including your stable cannabis strains. Until recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been sitting on literally hundreds of pending cannabis hybrid patent applications. We at cannapatents are excited to announce that this appears to have changed. Carefully drafted cannabis hybrid patents may now be eligible for patent protection.


    We strongly encourage all cannabis growers and breeders to consider how to best protect your unique strains. This change of policy is certain to have direct, substantial, and long-lasting consequences for the cannabis industry. As the industry matures, protection of cannabis hybrids will become of singular importance, particularly for growers and breeders.

    Cannabis technology patents are the best way to protect your most valuable cannabis business assets

    cannabis technology patents

    protect your growing, processing, and transportation inventions

    Hybrid strains are not the only inventions that have been created by people working in the cannabis industry. Some examples of potentially patentable inventions are:

    • a unique lighting system or lighting fixtures;
    • a unique type of planting pot;
    • a unique planting medium;
    • a method of controlling mildew, fungus, or pests in a grow or processing room;
    • a computer-timed automated system for lighting, watering, or harvesting;
    • a delivery system, such as a vaporizer;
    • a method of processing materials into useful product;
    • a method of recycling spent or waste materials

    Patents are available for many types of technology so long as they are new, unique, and useful. Contact us today for a free consultation to help you to understand the rules of patenting.

    License or transfer your valuable cannabis intellectual property

    licenses and assignments

    transferring your patent rights

    Once you've secured your patent you have the right to sell or license it. Whether you're a patent owner or you'd like to use another's invention, we can help you navigate the complex web of laws, regulations, disclosures, and filings to achieve your goals.

    trademark your cannabis business name, product names, and logo


    protect your business and product names

    Trademarks protect your business name, product name, or logos. While a patent can protect your inventions, they cannot prevent others from marketing products in ways similar to yours, nor can you be certain a competitor won't accuse you of the same.

    many busineses, including cannabis businesses, choose to protect their valuable intellectual property by trade secret and non-disclosure agreements.

    trade secret protection and 

    non-disclosure agreements

    another way to protect your inventions

    Some inventions and inventors are better suited to maintaining secrecy of a technology rather than disclosing to the USPTO and the public. In these cases, your intellectual property may still be protected by contracts between the inventor and any party they permit to view the invention. Doing so in a legally enforceable way requires careful drafting and attention to detail, as these types of documents are certainly not one-size-fits-all.

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    Michael Brubaker

    Patent Attorney

    Michael is an patent attorney from Seattle, WA. He holds a degree in biophysics, biochemistry, and molecular biology from Whitman College. In addition to an extensive hard science background, Michael worked as an engine mechanic for three years before attending law school. He has experience with scores of mechanical devices including engines, transmissions, generators, electronics, hydraulics, and electrical systems. Michael began working in the cannabis industry in 2010 in criminal defense.

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